Thursday, July 7, 2011


We played with an exercise ball from the ground. Absolutely zero fear, and a tad bit of curiosity.

Then we did this ..

For those of you who say "eh, no big deal, you freak!" Let me remind you..
I've only had him since September
He did NOT get a warmup of any kind
He's not dead broke, but a bit past green broke. To call him 'Bomb proof', would be a huge lie.
There's no bit... and we had zero luck with brakes when I first got him without a bit.
He turned 90% of my legs that night
Yes yes I know.. no helmet. I didn't intend on riding, but he was so quiet with the ball.

We actually did work on a few things. In that halter set like it was, it was easy to work on turning off of leg cues. He did great.

A good day to feel successful, that all our hard work together IS getting me somewhere.

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SunnySD said...

Cool to see picks - I always forget how pretty he is! And any time you get great steering and a nice turn off your leg in a halter is cause for celebration of all the work that went in to getting that far :)