Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Other Stuff Going on

So, I'm filling out paperwork for a rescue. "Applications", pictures of the property and the horses, apparently all normal. I only have my eye on one in particular, but see a handful of others that aren't too bad, either.

In the middle of that rescue search, I stumbled on one on the brink of disaster. Too many hungry horse's mouths to feed, not enough donations or income to feed them all. Pictures I've seen are sad. Many attempts by many others to close the place down have been unsuccessful. Other folks trying to do right by the horses by adopting them out are being turned away. It's pretty sad, but from the eyes of a random person wanting to help, it's utterly frustrating, too.

I have a new four-stringed Toy in the house! R surprised me Sunday after church with a used bass guitar. A left-handed one at that! It's awesome. Well used, well loved, and plays great. Needs a little work here & there (new strings, cleaned or replaced pickups, probably new frets eventually), but it's incredible. I have a "basic beginner book" with an accompanying CD at home, and I've been plunking away on it. After 16 years of piano lessons, and a break from playing of at least 10 years, as I told R, "I have music back in the house again, and that's a great feeling." Plunk Plunk Plunk!

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SunnySD said...

Very cool on both counts - although not so much regarding the failing rescue. Sad that a goal to to something good can so easily turn into a train wreck.