Wednesday, July 6, 2011

07/05/11 Sandals , Heels Down

I lost track of time. Whoops. I was supposed to ride Romeo to the mailbox and beyond tonight. Darn it. It's 7:00pm, and I should be at R's house at 7:45 or so for supper. Shoot!

C'mon Romeo, let's go dude. I tossed the cribbing collar off, slid the bit in his mouth, clipped my helmet chin strap tight, and hopped on. Go Mo Go! We hopped off in the trot down the little dirt road. Very quickly, I realized my shoes were slipping off. Dummy! I'm still wearing my little sandals. If my toes are down, or legs relaxed, the sandals threaten to slide off. If I tuck my toes up, heels down, the sandals stay on.

3/4 of the way there, he got LookieLouie at something. Who knows what. I didn't have time to debate with him and risk splat. I slid off, and hand walked him to the mailbox. Grabbed the mail, slid it into the back of my waistband.

Back at the spook-spot, three doe deer and their four babies sprinted across the road and into the neighbor's pasture. OH! That was your problem, cool. Romeo's head came down, he eased and relaxed.

I looked at the little shallow ditch, and his back. I pushed him on the ground to the lowest spot, grabbed a wad of mane, and pulled myself up aboard. And we're off!

Back to the house, and at the trailer, I brushed quick, checked for rocks in his toes. I found one teeny pebble in the white line, but it wasn't even wedged in, just sitting there. The rest of his soles are shiny and rock solid. Sweet!

Pulled the bit out, offered him cookies, and with the reins serving as a makeshift leadrope around his neck, we walked back to the barn. I turned him out off the reins, put the collar back on, another two cookies and a little hug.

Good Job Romeo! All in 15 minutes or less, we sprinted off to the mailbox and back. Yay! Sandals are a good "heels down" teacher, if any of ya'll are looking for a quick way to learn.

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Amber said...

Oh I love your sense of humor :). Sounds like a good short ride despite the little spook. Must say though, generally if I go out to ride in sandals, I usually end up riding up to the deck and tossing them up there :), been doing too much hard core training stuff lately for that though. I think I am missing some of my good relaxing fun rides, might have to make that a goal for this week.