Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7-15-17 Updates

7/15 Harley longed. Did really good. Lots of transitions. I tried to keep it simple, since he was obedient and quiet.

Mo.. Rode in the DARK. Okay, so I'd looked at the calendar for a MONTH. FULL moon Friday night. I was stoked , excited , happy happy! As it settled into "good n dark", I went outside, expecting the same mostly clear skies I saw at dusk. FAIL. It was cloudy, and what little moon we had, was lurking under a thick cloud. Hoping the cloud would clear and we could enjoy some moonshadows, I longed Mo out quickly. He didn't want to do more than trot, I didn't argue with him.

The ride was way beyond nifty cool, it was awesome. I couldn't see much, thanks to the moony cloud cover, but Mo could see it all. He carefully plodded around the circle at the walk, stopping on body cues. To my utter delight, he trotted with the same caution. About 35 minutes total working, and we had FUN doing it.

7/16 Harley longed up beautiful, and rode great. We had LOTS of nice trot work, and some really sweet transitions without a lot of fuss.

Mo worked in the arena, (in daylight, heehee), all three gaits, lots of goodness.

7/17 short rides for both. Harley had 10 minutes longe line neck stretcher, and I got down to business. Walk was good, trot was sweet, even got a bit of willing stretchy trot. I got brave, asked for canter left. On the *first* ask, he had the correct lead! One big circle, back to trot. Canter right, delightful as well. I didn't ask for more, but went back to relaxed working trot and a hint of stretchy trot.

Mo I hopped on cold, expecting lots of walk and trot. He moved in a lazy jog, and when asked, stepped up the trot even some. Again, bravery. I squeezed him up into a canter, but it sure was speedy! Mo wanted to run run! I let him some, but didn't want him overheating and being crabby for it.

7/18 Nothin'. Rain showers tickled the edge of the county, but never made it to my house. Bummer, dude.. better luck tonight.

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