Wednesday, July 20, 2011


5:25am this morning, I pulled out of the driveway, and meandered down the dirt road. Got to the paved road, made the left turn.

Travelling about 5-10mph, I saw one of the doe dart across the road. I eased up on the speed, 2-4 mph, and looked left, where she came from. Saw two more doe looking to cross. One took a step forward, then she hesitated.

I slowed down even more. Without much warning, she darted out to the roadway. First, headed behind the truck, so I kept on moving.

Thunk... Crunch... I heard her run straight into the side of my truck. I eased up a little, expecting to hear my tires thump over her. Nope. Stopped, got out, didn't see any obvious truck damage, and she wasn't laying on the side of the road.

I eased backwards, headlights onto that side of the road. Didn't see anything moving. So I proceeded on to work.

Surveying the truck this morning, a few scuff marks, maybe a small scratch on the step. I suspect doe is okay, and the others in her herd are laughing at her this morning for "being so sleepy she ran into a slow moving human transporter."

Rough start to the day... Sheez...

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