Sunday, February 5, 2012

1/30/12 Did It Fit?

The summary? No, it didn't. Longer story..

I saddled Harley up, anxious to try the new gullet. Longed him, things still looked okay. Got up on him, and within minutes, the saddle was waay too close up front to his withers. :( Bummer.

Rode all three gaits, trotted over the x twice each way, just to see what the impact was on him. Not a huge big bother, but longer term, I knew it'd pinch and cause troubles.

I set the saddle aside to change to a "one more narrow than average", remembering my event seat is a "medium tree", and that didn't fit either. Wish I'd thought of that *before* changing the gullet to one wider than avg. Grr..


porkpal said...

I'm not surprised you tried the wrong gullet. I have found that the interchangeable gullets (offered by Wintec originally - others now too) tend to run wide. Horses that would normally wear a medium tree seem to need a medium-narrow etc.

Jennifer said...

Frustrating for sure. I measured with their tool, and had the gullet installed that's supposed to fit..

So I was super annoyed when it didn't work out ..