Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I don't know Uncle Jimmy

But he's a naughty guy ... Look at the names of these horse treats, and tell me you don't blush even a little.. :-/


Okay okay.. so I needed that humor in my week so far... :)

For the love of weather, somebody go ride a horse and take a picture! Thanks MrsM, SunnySD, and Jessie for the updates. Go look at Jessie take a flying lesson off of Oakley! And see MrsM loping Phatty! Sunny, You lesson-taking lady! So jealous!! :)

I hope to hop on Harley tonight. Test out the yet more narrow gullet in his hunt saddle. I hope it fits I hope it fits.


Jessie said...

Ha! I am glad you could appreciate that fall I took :-D

Jessie said...

I had to go check out the treats too, but the link took me to a bbq joint. I googled the horse treats and the web address for that has a hyphen in it.


But yes... what a name for horse treats!