Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Me and the Weather

Wow.. Rain .. First off, holy rain, Batman! I have one large pond instead of two big puddles. Standing water all over the pastures, in the side yard (receding). The road ditches are full, and we sure have water! It rained pretty hard overnight and through the morning. Surprisingly, the horses aren't coated in mud.. I see that happening in another day or two. That means, no riding. I may take Mo down the road tomorrow, but we won't get far before we're in muddy ditches, which isn't really very nice for him.. :( Might try to rent some time at the Equestrian center up the highway for Friday morning... Then I can "get my fix" in for a little while..

Went to the dr today. Test check up from 6 weeks ago.. The medicine he put me on, is in fact working. My system is acting more like "normal", and that's really good. If things had continued as they were, I was probably facing surgery. That means remain on the medicine I'm on. I asked about the mood swings, and my general disposition. It's a combination of a side effect of what I'm taking, and some stress from work and life. As a result, he's adding yet another medication. 6 weeks to "peak" in effectiveness, and I'm supposed to call & let them know how it is working. If it's working well, he'll extend the prescription.

I have no problem all day taking vitamins and supplements... you know, "natural" things. I am not a big fan of "prescriptions". Makes me feel, oh, I don't know.. weak.. limited, "not quite right". Maybe that's the "bug/virus" in my brain that has always made me feel kind of inadequate. This new medicine might help that.

I do know everybody around me, human and creature alike, will probably like me a lot more if this new medicine works. I'm optimistic.

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SunnySD said...

Hope the puddles are subsiding and you've been able to get some riding in at home or at the Equestrian center!