Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/12/12 Me Update

I see the doctor tomorrow for a check up, and plan to mention some of the other things going on in my head. A few things I've noticed this past week..

If I sleep really well, the next day isn't so bad.
Inversely, if I don't sleep well, it's a long and crummy day.
To that end, I've been lightly medicating the sleep, and that seems to be working. As a chemist, of course, I'd like to understand how that's working, and how the medicine connects to sleep connects to general disposition. Hoping to understand that very soon.

In the meanwhile, there are neat things happening around the house. I've taken the plunge into a new, much shorter, hairstyle. It's been on my wish list for a while, and so far, it's nice...

Around the barn, Romeo got a new halter yesterday from MrsM. We'll be at least going down the road in it later this morning, and I'll get some pictures to share. Harley has some BIG news, as we're teaming up with R.E.S. Boots to design him a "small" splint boot. Once I get some video taken of us fitting the new boots to his front legs, I'll post it, along with the rest of the story. My little Harley is a boot model! :)

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