Friday, February 17, 2012

2/16/12 Longing

It was barely dry enough in the arena to even consider longing the horses. They both let me know it'd been too long since the last workout, too.

Harley bucked a fit for about five minutes. I have a hunch he stepped on a fire ant pile, because he was kicking up and out with some serious force on his hind legs. I refused to let him run like a maniac on the line, however, and made him stop and back up every time he tried being silly. Once he settled down, work lasted about 25 minutes total.

Romeo was much of the same, only wilder. Yep, the old man really got his run on. I held on, and when he turned towards me for a rollback on the line, he kicked his hooves up, tail flagging. "Oh no way, son. Not doing that again!" I chased him on the circle with the longe whip, and any time he got his body too close to mine, snap! Work lasted about 30 minutes. I believe by the end Romeo realized there was no point in kicking up his heels - take too much effort. :)

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