Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/10 & 2/11

Arrived home from work Friday night with a bit of caution about riding. I knew it had rained Thursday night, and Friday morning, but unsure how much.

Ew.. Wet, puddly, mess. Being completely honest, I'm thankful for the rain. We need it, the farmers need it, the cattle ranchers need it. I know of friends that are getting rid of some of their cattle herd (translation: Your beef dinners) because they can't find hay to feed.

So here, we're watching the standing water dry out. Saturday it still didn't look good up by the house for riding, so I didn't even bother walking out to the arena. I know the pond has plenty of standing water, and that's terrific.

More wet on the way today and tomorrow... I might be back to washing polo wraps, saddle pads, and scrubbing tack if this keeps up. :)

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