Monday, September 9, 2013

9-2-2013 & 9-7-2013

Sept 2, Harley and I rode dressage, sort of.  It started out as "work-work", but I just wasn't feeling it.  We enjoyed the rest of the 40 minute ride on a completely loose rein, trotting and cantering, taking advantage of the close short side of the arena being open.  We ended up loose rein cantering down the long side, right out of the 'arena' area.  Pretty darn fun.

This past Saturday, we worked darn hard.  I've registered for a show Sept 22, Training 1 & 2.  I read through Training 2, and it's a bit longer than 1.  So I rode LOTS of trot diagonals, and two sets of 3-circle canters each direction.  Harley did great.  Lots of zip in his giddy-up, and plenty of go.  He felt focused, attentive, and obedient.  :)  Not bad for a few days off, and new hooves.  A delightful ride.

Yesterday, 9-8, it rained.  Finally.  And lots of it.  Not the "little shower stuff", either.  I'd guesstimate 2-3" total so far.  I had puddles in the pasture, puddles in the arena.  The ground quickly gobbled it up, but the back porch was puddly again this morning, suggesting we'd gotten more overnight.  There's a forecast for it today, and tomorrow.  I'm super happy for it.  Much needed, grass-growing, hay-raising kind of rains.  :) 

Healthwise, I just sit and wait.  BP fluctuates between "wow, that's terrific" to "whoa, that's some weird stuff I've got going on right there".  My ability to get things done has improved dramatically.  I was able to vacuum the entire house without stop breaks over the weekend, a big improvement.  All the tests are done, so it's just waiting now until the 9-18 appointment.

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