Monday, September 2, 2013


Harley, dressage.  No warmup, just mounted up and off we went.  Lots of walk serpentines to get us started out right.

After a trot warmup, I rode TL#1.  It went well, all but the stretchies, both walk and trot.  He stayed in his canters, without any fuss.  The trot/halt/trot was even nice at X.  Better than I expected, and I attributed the bad stretches to not enough warm up on contact.  By not making him work hard before the stretches, he didn't appreciate the value of the stretches.

The ride was good.  He moved out well at the trot, and stayed with me for the canter work.  Well, most of it.  Towards the end, I rode three circle canters heading right first.  When I started in it, and realized I went right first, I had a feeling left would be bad.  And it was.  He broke gait in the same exact spot as the day before.  Only I couldn't let him keep getting away with it.  Even though I felt like poop, I kept going and sent him back to canter.  In the canter left quite a while, lines and circles, mostly so I could control the down transition.

45 minutes of hard riding.  We were both exhausted.  Cool hose for Harley, and a shower and snack for me.  I spent the rest of the entire day planted on the couch once outdoor chores were finished.  A totally lazy sacked-out remainder of the day.

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