Sunday, September 22, 2013

9.22.13 Training #2

Leslie Cummings Judge

1 A Enter working trot.
X Halt salute
6.0  contact unsteady but straight entry

2 C Track right   B circle right 20m
6.5 turn w bend on every step of circle

3 KXM Change rein working trot
6.0 fusses thru turn

4 Between C & H Working canter left lead
7.0 prompt

5 E Circle left 20m
5.5 neck twists right ear high , braced

6 Between E&K Working trot
7 fairly smooth

7 A Circle left 20m, allowing the horse to stretch forward and downward
Before A, shorten the reins
5.0 pulling and snatching

8 Between A & F Medium walk
7 nc (??)

9 FXM Free walk
M-C Medium walk
6.0 fussing to bit but clear difference in walks

10 C Working trot
6.0 needs more supple, stretch to bit

11 E Circle right 20m
6.0 push circle out to 20m
still arguing about bridle

12 FXH Change rein working trot
7.0 better contact here

13 Between C & M Working canter right lead
6.5 a bit haunches in

14 B Circle right 20m
6.5 Push out to 20m

15 Between B & F Working trot
6.5 plan for a lighter down transition

16 A Down centerline. X halt salute
7 slow to settle, but straight

RIDER'S position 6.5
RIDER'S correct and effective use of aids 6.5

Well matched team. The connection is the issue. Bit? Teeth? Hands?
Your correct geometry should help develop suppleness and power especially when you are able to communicate more harmoniously w the rein aids.

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