Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey Mondays 09/02/2013

Alternatively titled, "MoJo Monkee's Road Trip, Part One"
Dear Mum-
Imagine my surprise when you were dancing about the house talking about a road trip, just for ME. At first, it was quite exciting- I love road trips, and you always take me to such interesting destinations. (The adult beverage selections you introduce me to are some of my favorites by the way!)
However, when the giant box came out, with a travel kit and my passport.... Pardon my saying so Mum, but I do believe I had my doubts. Never before had you brought out a box, a passport and my travel kit for a mere road trip.
And road trip it was.
All the way to the east coast-- Savannah GA to be exact. At first, I was pretty cheesed, being stuffed in a blooming box, with confetti and what not. (Did you know that those sparkly little bits itch my monkee bits something fierce? Yeow!) By day three I was getting into relaxing a bit, wondering at my destination. And.. it got rather warm. A bit stuffy in there, don't you know.
My relief was huge. For a moment or three, I was worried I'd be going back overseas- but instead, I'm here in Georgia. The squeals from the boys, known for some reason as the Locust Brothers, were a bit deafening. But quite frankly they are charming young chaps who have been quite a bit of fun to pal around with.
Well, I'm a bit knackered from a busy few days. I'll write more next week for you, and include some pictures too. I'm ready to tuck in with the Locust Brothers for now, and dream some happy dreams.
Ta-ta for now!
Your loving Monkee,

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