Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/2013 Monkey Mondays

Dear Mum-
Well goodness. I have found out why Auntie MM calls those boys "Locusts". I swear, if they've eaten once a day, they've eaten 18 times. I've yet to figure out where they are putting all that food. And it isn't even into the loo!

It's been quite an adventure thus far. I've met "Granny", who lives across the way, and had a lovely tour of the yard and both homes with the Locusts. Auntie MM has mentioned something about a lake, but I'm a bit worried about this thing they call a "gator" and what it might do to a tiny Monkee MoJo like myself. I've seen the flower garden too- it's lovely.

I've yet to meet the horses, but the dogs wasted no time in making introductions. Jo is indeed a chicken in a dog suit- anytime there is even a hint of thunder, she clings to Auntie MM tightly. And Murphy/ Merp/ Damn Dog is dangerous to a tiny Monkee like myself with that tail of hers! She sent me flying through the air one time wagging so hard! Lucky for me, Jo broke my fall with her cushiony side. She is a sweet old girl.

And there is this odd creature called a DAT. She is odd because... well.. she LOOKS like a cat. Just a regular, plain old cat. She meows, she purrs, and she does some other things- like when the youngest Locust calls her, she comes to him. And when he asks her, she pushes the fridge door closed! Have you ever heard of such a thing? A CAT of all things, coming when called and closing the ice chest? Auntie MM calls her DAT because she wags her tail and acts like a dog sometimes. If nothing else, she is quite entertaining.

I'm looking forward to meeting the horses. And to meeting Bitsy and Sissy at Granny's house too. Although I hear Sissy has sharp teeth- Auntie MM is going to have to protect me from her.

The Locusts are non-stop busy busy busy. For that matter, the past few days, Auntie MM and Uncle Lt Handful have been crazy busy too. In fact, there was ONE day this week that I was wishing they would pack me up and send me home. Please do not be upset over any additions to my vocabulary- blame it on a Really Bad Day at Auntie MM's. (By the way Mum, what does it mean when a woman grumbles and growls and steam comes out of her ears? And she mutters things under her breath that involve a lot of... well.. shall we say rather strong and un-ladylike language? And just how many orifices and sphincters are there in the human body? Is it more than in a Monkee?)

Most of the rash has resolved on my tushie and under my shirt from those sparkly bits you insisted on shoving all over me. Auntie MM has been very kind about treating my scrapes. And the youngest Locust even offered up some of his personal band aids! Such a generous little fellow. When he is not sassing his brother and making his mum batty that is.

OK Mum, I hope you are well out there. I'll update more tomorrow- today wore me out trying to keep up with Auntie MM mowing and laundering and cooking. It rained some this evening, so no lake trip yet. Which is good- I'm fair worried about that gator creature introducing himself!

Your Loving Monkee,

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