Monday, September 23, 2013

Monkey Monday 9.23.13

Wow Mum, the past couple days have been busy busy busy at The Asylum! I skipped the library trip yesterday, as I needed a NAP in order to recharge from helping Auntie Mrs Mum making homemade bread. You know she kneads that stuff by hand? And that it takes a LONG time to knead it? No wonder her hands are strong-- she does this a few tiems a week!

Anyways-- it was very cool out yesterday. In the 70's all day, so we worked outside in the memorial garden. It was awesome- the flowers are really pretty. Time to replace the petunias with something else though, as their time has passed.

Then I had to help her with the Great Knife Mystery. No real headway in solving the case but we DID discover that it isn't just the butter knives that have gone AWOL-- oh no, some of the sharp steak knives have as well. I tell you, it's a right fair puzzler it is. Got us all befuddled.

Today.. we cleaned house (lots of that goes on here... seems like a nonstop process.) And then we took the Locust Brothers to the lake. I was quite nervous-- all that gator talk had my wee little Monkee bits tucked up far far inside me. Luckily though, no gator sightings so we were happy.

Then it rained again. It seems to rain an awful lot here.

I still have yet to meet the horses- Auntie Mrs Mum says its too wet and yucky out for a little Monkee man like myself. Nice of her to keep me shiny clean!

Oh-- and the scariest part of the day--- I met a puppy. Oh my Heavens. That was a very energetic puppy. She wanted to cart me off to parts unknown and do who knows what to my tiny Monkee self!! Bloody frightening I tell you. I must confess though, after Auntie Mrs Mum put me up high on the table, that little pup sure was cute. From a distance. Not so much up close!

OK Mum, I'm fair knackered from today, so it's time for me to crash for a bit. I'm told that there is yet MORE adventure in store tomorrow, so a little Monkee man like myself had best get some shut eye!

Talk with you soon Mum,
Your Loving Monkee,

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