Friday, September 13, 2013

9/13/13 Ain't always unlucky

Caught Harley early this am. Weather was fabulous. It's been really humid & warm lately, so anything like we had today was perfect, Low 70s. Yum !

Warmed him up in side reins, Only a few minutes, and it was clear he was ready to go.

( I owe a few back stories and Will set to them.--. Basically, full vet trip earlier this week. Big dental float, along with shots and Coggins. Thurs pm l rode light . Long enough to loosen his mind and back.)

Boy O Boy! Another reminder how happy his mouth is! Quiet and obedient! Very nice 40 min of full work. A few lazy moments to work out. Like making a trot to canter transition C-H. He is not keen on all the trot up to more work.

The bugs? perfect to fix Tomorrow in a lesson wl Mrs. N! Harley and I roll solo tomorrow. So for me, time for lights out !

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