Saturday, August 16, 2008

Come Rain or Come Shine

Just as I started to type this, sirens roared on the nearby road. Fire engines... again.. When will the idiots in town learn.. DON'T LIGHT FIRES WHEN THE GRASSES ARE DRY! We haven't had significant rain in about 3 weeks, yet they have to burn that brush pile, or the trash, or the newspapers, and off the blaze goes. Dang it. A pile of acrage burnt while I was on vacation, due to a controlled burn getting out of control (controlled burn with a water truck beside, burning brush for some clearing work to re-install train tracks by the highway). People are stupid... just plain stupid. God bless whoever's fighting that fire, and bless the idjits who lit it with a little more common sense for next time.

It's supposed to rain today. Weatherbug says 50% chance. It was storming in a nearby county, MacKenzie brought it to my attention following me around the house shadowing. I'm banking on it. I want rain really really bad. Pastures need it, yard needs it, all those crunchy oak leaves in the front yard need it. The place looks horridly dry, and I'm anxious for the precip.

Whether it rains or not, both boys will come out, get hoof cleanings, hose-down the sweaty dusty dirt they're covered in, dry in hand (mowing-munching a little bit of grass that's been watered by the septic underground), and sprayed generously with fly spray. If I can't ride, I'm at least going to let them know they're loved.

It's great to be home. I slept soundly on the couch last night until nearly 11, nobody to poke me awake & say, "Get to bed". I was woke by Kenzie jumping on & off the bed, and Allie wriggling up to my face, licking me like a popsicle. Breakfast was uber-healthy, now that I've been to the grocery store to restock. Snacks & meals are all back in the house, and I'm satisfied I can get back on my good-girl hypo diet.

Off to check the radar. All you riding-people, amuse me with some riding stories, will ya? Any gawd-boring detail you choose. Let me live vicariously through you. I can't ride the guys, weather pending, somebody ought to be doing more than scrubbing water buckets & grooming.

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