Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raccoons , again

Raccoon #2 died of a gunshot wound to the gut Monday night. The death was at the hands of a wicked hunter, hollering, "Get out of my feed bucket, you little twit". He was survived by at least one more evil raccoon, evidenced by the open feed bucket Tuesday morning. Memorial services will be held this morning by noon by neighborhood crows, buzzards, and other insecticide committees. Those wishing to contribute in his honor may send a secure horse grain container to .... c20h10n2ATgmail.com .

The evil critters keep coming back. Found the feed can lid open this morning again. I'll set the trap again tonight. I'm starting to feel defeated by the whole thing, sick of tiptoeing out to the feed stall, clapping my hands, jingling keys, trying to make a raucus and disrupt them before they spook me again. Every morning, I keep finding things tore up, rearranged, and more of my horsefeed gone from the bucket. I can't afford to keep feeding raccoons, and I'm sick of setting the trap & trying to coordinate a time to kill them.

I just want to go on vacation & get away from all of it. If only they'd be gone when I return.

No riding last night. Horses are safe & sound, and I miss my Chewie. TS Eduoard got lost on his way to South Texas, landing on the TX-LA border. I don't even think we'll get much-needed rain from it.

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