Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Politics, Gas Prices

http://republicanleader.house.gov/blog I couldn't help myself - I commented to the Aug 4th afternoon posting.

I'm happy they did it. I really am. I just wish they would've gotten off their rumps, oh, in May or June, when they knew the prices were high, and staged this little protest then. I made one meager contribution to the McCain campaign, and since then, they've spent probably my whole contribution in letters & postage begging for more cash. I have consistently told them, "Initiate or Co-Sponsor an Energy plan, whether it passes or not, and I'll help out more." I also told them, "Lower my fuel price, and I'll send you the overall difference for a month. Until then, quit begging, because I don't have it to give."

So, three cheers to our Conservative Politicians for staying at work, and not going on vacation. It's just too little, too late, because I don't see gas prices dropping severly because they're standing on the floor singing Patriotic hymns.

Bah humbug ... I won't even begin to comment on my local Rep, Ron Paul. He wants to "do what's right"... but won't stand with anybody on any issue. It's almost as if he disagrees just enough to make his vote not count, because he thinks it's funny. That's right, you little nitwit... I enjoy being broke, I really do. I don't see your name on the list of Representatives that stayed at work through the vacation - Must be nice to have a WHOLE MONTH off work. I wouldn't know. I'm too busy working, to pay my gas, to drive to work, to pay my gas, to drive my work, to pay my gas, to drive to work, to

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