Monday, August 25, 2008

Obstacles on the Ground

Can't ride, might as well groom, add a rope halter & long lead, and see what we can tackle. Romeo was up first. He walked over the tarp, trotted over a small barrel, walked in between two trash cans placed close together, sniffed a roll of black belt-like material he always spooks at, trotted over the flower box, all without issue. I was shocked. Put him under saddle & crawl on, he would've looked hard at all but probably the tarp. Instead, he just walked over & around & between it all as if nothing was scary.

Chewie was nearly the same. Anything he tried avoiding wasn't really because it was scary, but more that he didn't want to work. When he stepped on the tarp the first time, it made it's normal swishy noise. He stopped, looked down, sniffed it, sighed, and kept walking. It was incredibly funny. It's almost like his ears said, "Whoo! What's that sound?! Oh! It's underneath me! Well, mustn't be a problem that'll eat me, I'm already standing on it. Oh well.. Keep going."

I want to ride again.. Meanwhile, I would like to find a book on Groundwork that makes it fun & keeps me & the boys connected. Going to search sometime today for somethin'. Ya'll have a nifty good day.

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