Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Romeo Over Obstacles

Since I was in such a bad horse mood, I grabbed Romeo in the evening (after soaking myself in mosquito repellant), and saddled up.

He knew exactly what his job was, walking up the road & back. Didn't look hard at anything. I said, "whoa", he'd stop on a nickel, and look back at me curious. We wandered back to the house, I sat a little trot, mostly to change up what I thought would be a complicated ride (since I hadn't been on him in weeks). He acted like it was all no big deal. Layed a tarp down on the grass, and he swished across it a number of times, almost as if he enjoyed the noise. Played a little sending game between me and the pasture gate - no problem. He trotted past a few times, then realized walking was much easier. Worked about an hour, without incident. Plenty of cookies to say, "thank you".

A much needed work, but I'm more anxious to get Chewie back online, and in the round pen, to get back to cantering. He's obviously a little anxious himself, as he watched with a sad face while I rode Romeo last night.

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