Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's Your Bad Habit?

OOPS! I bet that's a touchie sensitive subject. Each of us has to have one.. you know... that thing you shouldn't eat or drink, that goofy neurotic habit you know isn't good for you. I bet you're thinking of the "big ones" (Excess alcohol, smoking, drugs, pain killers, internet excess). But I'm talking about those "little ones" - The things that probably won't kill you, but you ought not to be doing it anyways.

Mine? Starbucks. I'm saying it out loud, because I'm going to "kick the habit". I was going on average once a week. Grande Vanilla Latte. Then the shop on the way to work announced it was closing, and I found other sources. I found a frozen skinny latte, even added sugar-free flavoring. Felt like I was doing the right thing by going healthier. But for the cost of a cuppa joe, I could be purchasing fancy ground coffee at the grocery store, enough to last nearly a month. If I added up my monthly charges at that evil place, it's nearly $30, a halfa tank of gas in the truck. I'm kicking the habit....

Anybody wanna fess-up and join me? C'mon.. we won't tease you, or harass you. Even if you just speak it, nobody will come to your front door & holler, "I saw you with that fancy coffee disposable cup, you heathen! Get out here & hand over the evidence!"

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