Friday, August 29, 2008

A Little Good News

Sarah Palin. Andrew Wilkow from Sirius Patriot 144 has been calling for her. I did a little pre-selection research, and figured she'd be good. I wasn't 100% sure John McCain would have the guts to pick somebody that conservative.

He got it right. McCain hit the ball out of the park! Home run that's still floating over the atmosphere. She's Pro-Life, Pro-Drilling, Pro-Gun Rights. She has the state of Alaska under control, with executive experience. Joe Lieberman has his work cut out for him in the VP debate. He'll most certainly shove his foot down his throat at some point, making some regretting remark about her being female, or conservative.

Good Job, Senator McCain. You got this choice correct, and I'm incredibly satisfied. This just might earn you a little extra donation to the campaign. Thank you for finally putting some Conservative Gumption behind your election.

I just heard in McCain's bio speech on Palin she's been in the Union, and her DH is in the Union. Hmm... is that good? Is Union really a Conservative good idea? I thought Conservatives lived anti-Union, not wanting a larger body to spread-wealth over large people groups... hmmm.. will study more

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