Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7-13 & 14 ..& Charlie

First, Charlie ...
Goes in & out of crate real good now.
 Plays with Kenzie well.
Still some obedience things to work on, but he's definitely soo much better.
A full out family member now.  loves!!
Then I see this today..

Saturday -- Harley dressage.  Whatta good boy.  Big GO button, and his general stiffness in warmup gave me a good chance to work on the bending exercises.  About 55 minues of good work.

Sunday .. What was planned as a bareback walk ride turned into walk/trot.  I was actually sitting a working trot bareback.  He was that well behaved.  Go H!

Sunday afternoon I had the arena disced and drug.  A dirt loosening, mixing, and rearranging event.  Weather called for rain all this week so it seemed a good time to get that done. 

Between the ride, and raking some stall dirt, and push mowing the front yard, and scrubbing water buckets / trough, and ... well.. flat out over doing it, I was exhausted.  Ended up with some minor wrist pain, which has kept me out of the saddle this week.  Well, that and the rain.  It's much needed, and we're all regionally grateful for it .

This concludes the way too short blog entry... I will try to add a post of ride details when my hand wants to cooperate better.  :) 

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