Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love is ...

Having a friend who knows you feel like poo driving over an hour extra out of her way to set up a surprise.  Jen told me she was going to Prasek's this morning.. super early.  Well, as you'll see in my next entry, I've been feeling a little sour, under the weather, horrid.  I told her to eat a kolache for me.. She offered to meet R half way to get some to me, but that didn't work out.  I was okay with it.  I haven't felt great, haven't been eating food-food (soup , rice , broth .. you get the idea). 

Here's what was on my front door when I got home from work:

I know that hand writing!  It's Jen!  So I took off into the house.  Doggies, hold it a little bit longer.  I gotta find what she's up to!  Cold.. cold.. Refrigerator!  That one's easy!

Dressing stuffed pork chop from Prasek's.  Yum!   Okay.. now, someplace hot .. hot .. OVEN!
 Kolaches!  Inside, are these yummy bread-based pastries, with strawberry jam goo awesomesauce in the middle.  YuMM!!  Now, some place I'd find something I knead... Easy.. breadbox!!

Wheat bred, again from Prasek's bakery.  YummO!  I've had before, it's super yum, even better toasted up with some almond butter smeared all over.

Then, I did what, well, I've done a lot of these past few days.  I went to the bathroom.  Taped to the bathroom mirror, was the card.  I didn't take a picture of it in the bathroom.. had other matters to tend to. ;-)

Love is .. tending to your friend when she feels like poo! 

=)  Got somebody you need to surprise today?  Maybe tomorrow?  How about next week?  Get crackin' folks!  I think MoJo needs to stage a surprise event!  I have just the best sneakiest idea ever.  That's all I can say.. it'll ruin the surprise. :-)

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SunnySD said...

Birthday scavenger hunt! I love it - what a good friend!