Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last year, I had a season of Hotter Than Hell.  It was too hot to ride safely except for early mornings.  I wanted to start riding in the evenings again.  After the rains, and some brief soreness, I was ready to go again.

I rode last Saturday.
Sunday it threatened rain significantly.  I chickend out - it didn't rain.
Monday, it was entirely too hot in the evening.
Tuesday, I was babysitting Charlie who was neutered yesterday.  He was pretty stoned, and under a serious fog.  I stuck around to keep an eye on him.
Today, again, it's going to be entirely too hot.

Realizing if I built up to it, Harley (& Mo) and I could both probably gain the endurance we needed to ride in the hot.  However, I have a mental block on "riding super easy".  The horses are both eager to cooperate and ride politely, and I'm not good at thinking "that's too much in this heat".

So it seems we're nearly sidelined.  The boys are getting trimmed up on Friday, so that'll be good.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday early morning, we'll be back to rides.  Perhaps by Sunday I can get Harley back over poles again, and maybe get a bit of elevation in some of them. 

I miss the saddle time.  Perhaps this evening I'll cool hose & scrape the sweat off both boys and love on them with a few cookies, and make myself feel better that neither horse has a true "job" right now.

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