Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7-28-13 Sunday, Monday

Saturday night into Sunday morning was horrendous.  A very explosive round of either food poisoning or a stomach bug.  Though the symptoms aren't 100% gone, they're easing up some.  A dose of good medicine, lots of fluids, and LOTS of sitting still.

I hate sitting still.
I hate when I can't walk across the building at work without feeling bad.
I hate it more when I can't play with the dogs, or even consider a light ride with Mo.

Once again, we're benched until this gives way to sunnier days and happier bellies.  It's been crazy hot anyways.  Morning temperatures in the low 80s with 85+% humidity.  That's no way to ride anyways.  A few websites I checked out say to add the real temperature and the humidity.  Over 160 (or 170, that's where the differences rest), don't ride.  I can do the math in my head - that's too hot.  Evenings aren't a whole lot better.  Temperatures in the mid 90s, with humidities in the 50s-60%s.  Ew.  Not much better.

Cooler days will come.  They're just not here yet.

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