Sunday, July 21, 2013

Watchin' the Weather

We needed all this rain we've had the past week or so.  The ground was incredibly dry, and the grass was starting to crunch.  Nevertheless, I got up this morning hoping for another good ride on Harley.  I was planning the beginning of those ground pole exercises. 

Now instead, I'm watching the radar, trying to figure out if the storms are headed here, or just close to here.  That makes me pause and consider, "Is it really such a good idea to dress either horse in my leather tack, head to the arena where we won't have a shelter, and tempt wet fate?" 

The rain makes the ground soft.
It makes the grass grow.
It certainly makes the flower beds happy.  There's an abundance of new blooms and green growth out there.

Still, it's the time with the horses in the saddle that keeps me grounded.  Restores a brief moment of sanity. 

This morning it's not looking good for it, however.

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