Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Answering the Question

SunnySD asks, Where do you get your motivation?  That's a terrific question, and one I've considered answering before it was asked.. :)  So here goes.

I have a general philosophy on the horses.  It's a simple one.  They're expensive, they take up a lot of space, and a lot of work just to maintain.  Grain, hay, supplements, hoof trims, shots, coggins, fencing, truck & trailer to haul for vet visits, land taxes, mortgage (as I wouldn't need the land I have without them).  Not including my tack, training, instructor lessons, they're pricey critters.  Even if I took them off the supplements, they'd still need all those other things.  If I didn't ride, I wouldn't need saddles or bridles, but I'd still need halters, ropes, and a truck/trailer for vet appointments.  If they didn't wear blankets in the winter, they'd need a boost in feed. 

All that in mind, I figure, for the cost/investment, they need a job.  When it's super hot, or raining many days in a row, or I get busy with work (either job), I get frustrated when I go out to feed.  In my mind, if they're going to cost what they cost, and take up as much time to care for as they do, they oughta do something.

This crosses my mind when I'm on the couch, watching boobtube reruns of whatever, watching the dogs sleep, knowing they're out in pasture doing NOTHING.  They don't bark when strangers come to the door, they don't often snuggle on me (without snarfing my pockets looking for cookies).  They do reward me with fantastic rides. 

So why do I ride the same things over & over?  And where do I find the motivation to head to the arena so many days in a row?  It's the little things.  When the deer enter the visual on our property, and Harley only glances at them.  When I get just three more strides of a nice forward trot than I had yesterday.  When his canter-left is a little more round and "put together" than before.  Best, is when Harley's ears perk as I point him at the crossrail.  He enjoys his job, otherwise he wouldn't nicker at me and walk across the pasture to be haltered (when he sees me dressed to ride, half chaps & all, no cookies in-hand, he'll still come to me).   When Mo stands in his stall after H's ride, and waits for me, rather than walk to the back of his pasture to be caught or chased. 

The guys enjoy their jobs, and I find it necessary that they have a job.  It's really that simple.  Does this mean I never get completely lazy and unmotivated?  HAH!  Last night, the weather was perfect to ride.  Well, for July.  Temperatures were in the high 80s, there was a light breeze, and relatively low humidity.  Did I ride?  Nope.  I stayed inside and played guitar for over an hour.  I checked the weather, and I could've easily put Harley to work, or taken Mo down the road.  I just couldn't leave the house.  The dogs looked peaceful out of their crates, the cats were lounging and sleeping, and I felt more like staying inside rather than going outside to sweat and exercise. 

I don't get motivated all the time, but most of the time, there's a purpose in the horses, and they seem to enjoy it. :)  That's how I stay motivated!

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SunnySD said...

Scary to add up what they cost... I may have to paint myself (and Sunny) a motivational sign - "MUST WORK FOR FOOD!" lol!

I think I need to find a place to take lessons, or a riding buddy (might be cheaper!).