Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/27/13 Harley

The rains were coming.  I saddled up anyways.  By the time we reached the arena, a light rain was covering us both.  Didn't want to get the saddle too wet, so I hopped on.  Long rein walk, bendy bendy.  Long rein trot, circles circles.  By the time we were ready for a light canter warm up, the rains were coming down.  Harley and I were coated and near soaked.  I wiped the rain drops off my helmet visor, and kept on going.  No sense in quitting, I figured it wouldn't rain long.

The occasional light shower cooled us during the whole ride.  Shortened reins, focus on forward from behind.  It felt a while like he was reaching out in front, but flat.  With a little extra leg from me, he was lifting up, and pushing.  Definite difference in the trot.  His canter was good both directions.  No problems.  I got a defined UP transition heading right, a rare event.  Very nice, pat & praise as we kept on going.

Despite the rains, it was a nice 40 minute ride.  However, the rains were replaced by sunshine, and incredibly oppressive humidity as we finished up.  I apologized to Romeo, and told him Sunday would be his day.

Little did I know what Saturday night would bring ...

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