Saturday, July 27, 2013

7-26-13 Harley Early

I was able to outsmart the weather yesterday.  The temps were decent for summer, and the humidity was even reasonable.  Light breeze at sunrise.  Off we go to the arena!  Light longe to test Harley's mood, and I was on board.  No reason to wait, he was being obedient, and while stiff and a bit lazy, not defiant and run-away.  Good to go.

Rode about 40 minutes.  Total focus on bends, circles, serpentines, and the occasional short diagonal line.  As expected, he started out stiff in his neck and middle, but loosened up about 15 minutes into the ride. :)  YAY!  A bit of really good, energetic canter work.  In fact, on one of those short lines, I actually had a good solid half-halt to get him back.  That's a first.  I wasn't pushing with my legs or seat in the entire canter sets.  Fantastic.

I shortened the reins up for just a few minutes, and when he relaxed, I let go.  Today brings slightly higher expectations.  Since he had yesterday to goof off and be long & low, today will bring those shorter reins back. 

A good ride.  First in a while since it's been HtH.  Nice to be back out there.  Boys both got trims yesterday, so I expect Harley to be good to go.  Romeo will probably be a bit tender - cold hose those feets, and turn him back out.  He won't be happy with that decision, but he'll get over it.  Better than hot, sore feets all this coming week.

In Charlie news.. :)
* Neutered Tuesday.  All is well.  He's recovered from that near completely.  Never fussed with the incision glue, and other than Wednesday morning, really didn't show any signs it bothered him.
* Darts into the crate at the appropriate times.  Doesn't avoid it, and in fact goes in now on his own when he sees the cookie container come out.
* Plays HARD.  Kenzie has her work cut out for her keeping up with his energy level. 
* Chews HARD.  I plan this weekend to find him some good size bully sticks.  He can demolish typical rawhides in minutes.  Compressed rawhides take a couple minutes.  Oi vey the monster can chew. 
* Has figured out how to hop up and sleep on the bed.  Bed Hog!  I've woke up to find him in slightly different places every night this week.  Usually, this results in me spread from corner to corner in a long lanky diagonal across the mattress.  I woke this morning to find every dog had a comfortable spot.  Me?  Twisted up like a pretzel.  Okay, guys.. Time to get up.  Momma needs to stretch all the kinks out.

perfect solution to the unplanned 4am alarm?  Lotsa coffee.. :)

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Karen Burch said...

Our Costco carries Bullys. 12 pk for $24. Real good deal.