Monday, August 26, 2013


Gathered Harley up, and, after spending nearly a half hour combing the dead grass clumps out of his tail, and removing all the tangles, I dressed him hunter, and headed to the arena.

No longe again.  I felt good, he seemed quiet enough.  And he was.  Walk, trot, canter all on the flat.

Then we headed towards the trot poles.  MUCH improved over the night before, of course at the trot.  No stumbles, no poles kicked.  Relaxed, but steady to and during and from the poles.  I tried very hard to look at tree tops over the poles.  If I don't focus, I end up looking at nothing still.  My brain focuses so hard on his legs over the poles, I stop seeing.  Very strange stuff.

Canter poles - improved.  First over - trot.  Second - Canter.  Third - huge stumble in the middle (his own four legs, not the poles).  Changed direction, all three were spot-on.  Back original direction - first - canter, second - canter.  Called it quits right there.

Finished up the ride trying to work on my hunt saddle sitting trot - a serious challenge.  I can't seem to find where to put my butt or my legs for that to allow my hips the freedom they need to sit that big new trot in the hunt saddle.

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