Monday, August 19, 2013

Monkey Mondays August 19, 2013

MoJo goes to my birthday celebrations, Part Tres

R had me a little gathering of friends and loved ones at my house on the day OF my birthday.  Pretty big deal this year - I shared it with Father's Day.  So hats off to the folks who came to visit.  I didn't check with any of them before posting a MoJo moment, so here's a picture or two of the festivities of me, and MoJo. 

 MoJo Peek A Boo.  See?? 

MoJo and I.  See that cool Shiner Brewery picture above my head?  It's signed, by the BrewMaster and the Asst BrewMaster.  R and I were part of a small group that got a really nice personalized tour of the facility.  Super neat time!  

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