Monday, August 26, 2013

Monkey Mondays August 26, 2013

MoJo started complaining about the same old, same old.  He didn't want to see the same places he's been.  Things here in South Texas are stagnant in the summertime. 

Why, you ask??

Because it's blood boilin' HOT here in the summer.  June, July, August, and some of September.  We just don't get out much.  Air Conditioning, Popsicles, and cold drinks. 

So, I sent MoJo on a road trip.  But where did he go?  You'll have to wait on September to see!

 TX issued interstate travel passport.  Be sure to click on that one, and read the fine print.

 MoJo's travel supplies.  Soap, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpick, squirt gun.  Why squirt gun?  Because it's a little hard to carry a real gun and ammo across state lines. 

MoJo, in his wrapping gear, preparing for the trip. 

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