Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Harley dressage.  Started out in his show bit (we've been going in the Myler 04 combo, middle ring) on the side reins.  He settled into it nicely, so I crawled on top.

Nice ride.  He was sticky halt/walk/halt, not wanting to walk off.  A few moderate dressage whip taps, and he got the idea.  Things improved gradually from there.  Saturday, I found him very stiff on his circles, more left than right.  Sunday, things were better.  He had a better bend, and seemed more alert.

Rode through TL#1 to see how it'd go.  Both canters, both directions, 3/4 into the first circle, he broke to trot.  Easy enough back to canter, and he held it better on the long sides than he did in the circles.  Monster.  Later rode some more canter on circles, and he had his mind in the game.  He's not as "put together" as I'd like in the test - probably because I'm focusing so much on "what's next", rather than riding the movement in front of us.  Things to work on for sure.  His stretch trot and free walk were much improved over what they've been.

Long walk break, followed by a few brief trots asking for shoulder-in.  That's a long ways away, I fear.  He's barely getting it now, and it's usually with a LOT of protest in his face and neck.  Baby steps, Harley.. Baby steps

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