Sunday, August 25, 2013


I figured out a way to get Harley to ONLY walk. 

Take the saddle and longeline completely out of the equation. 

To accomplish such a task, I went out to the pasture holding the bridle and my helmet.  I bridled him in the pasture, walked him over to the mounting block, clipped my helmet, and crawled on him.

We walked for 40 minutes.  Some around the pasture, but a lot of focused walking in the arena.  I thought going over the trot-distance (4'6") poles at walk would be easy.  HAH.  Not even close.  He stumbled, fumbled, tripped, even stepped ON them a few times. 

When he finally cleared the poles in both directions, I checked my watch.  Yeah, that's 40 minutes, and a good place to stop.  I took the bridle off, and proceeded to the pasture gate.  Harley followed. :)

So I put on his halter, walked him to the wash rack, and hosed him off.  too bad I couldn't have done the same to me.  My jeans were wet,  YUCK!

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