Monday, August 5, 2013

Monkey Mondays August 5, 2013

MoJo goes to my birthday celebrations, Part Uno

 MoJo, Hey Look!  It's a Painting class!  Lookie?  Easel thingies!  And, yes, I heard it was a wine and paint class, but we're drinking tea.  You do NOT need wine and a paintbrush.

 Yes, dear.  You can help.  But easy on the brush handle, okay?  

 I dunno what we're gonna do with this, but let's be creative, eh, MoJo?

 Peek A Boo!  
 MoJo, aren't they thoughtful?  They knew it was my birthday, and they made cupcakes!  Cute, hmm?

Yes, the finished product.  MoJo helped, um, a little. 

Thanks to Jen for a cool birthday surprise.  We had a lot of fun, and I think MoJo enjoyed it as well.

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SunnySD said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Once again checking in and catching up :)