Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/16 & 18/2013

Harley, dressage, focusing on getting him back to loose & obedient.  He was pretty good.  A few lazy trot steps, but after I got to the arena, I realized I didn't have my dressage whip with me.  Made for extra work on my end, but still a nice ride.  In the dressage saddle, I asked him to canter over two ground poles, 8' apart.  What a riot.  He broke to trot the first time, then cantered the second.  Changed direction, and he cantered the first time, stumbled to a trot the second.  With a lot of laughter, I was happy he at least kept the poles where I put them, and didn't kick them out of line. 
45 min total.

Romeo, wild & crazy man.  I sent him out on the line a little bit, where he bucked and farted like a 2yr old (again).  After a few minutes, he settled, and we worked together a solid 35 minutes.  W.T.C., a few rollbacks and turns on forehand/haunches.  Backed up a couple of circles.  I held him on a short rein the first canter, and once he started to relax in his back, I softened the reins. 

Harley, dressage, nearly an hour of delightful riding.  I had the dressage whip with me, and, when I tapped him, he took about a second to react to the tap.  Sprinted out forward, and gave me *exactly* what I wanted.  A nice, swift, obedient trot.  Fantastic.   Trot poles a few times to measure the new energy of trot against the 4'6" poles.  At the bigger trot, the poles aren't far enough apart.  How wonderful is that?!  Little horse, and a big trot when he wants it!  :) 

Romeo, hunt saddle.  It didn't fit him perfectly, but I needed to figure out why my legs were so loose the previous Sunday on Harley.  Within a few minutes, I was settled into the saddle, and Romeo was more than obedient.  He tolerated the pad sliding underneath the saddle for w.t.c., and I recognized that, if I sit in a bum-leaning posture (dressage), my legs slide all around.. If I lean slightly forward on my pelvis (a bit in front of it), my heels sink down, and my legs stay put.  Very interesting and educational.  Nice!  Thanks Romeo, for tolerating my confidence check.

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