Friday, August 23, 2013

8/22/2013 Harley

Headed out to the arena last evening Harley dressed in his dressage garb.  Didn't even longe him.  Heck, I was in jeans.. and we were only going to walk

A good ten minutes in, he tucked his head, lifted his back, and started a nice working walk.  So I asked him to trot.  Zooma Zoom!  Forward, and while not bending on a single circle I sent him out on, he was forward and obedient.  Lots of circles, serpentines, and general squiggly lines.  I wasn't going to work him, only walk.   Then, I had a solid, relaxed, bent around the circles horse.  Hmm..

So we cantered a tiny bit.  He started those stiff too, wanting to only barrel away down the long sides.  NOT what I had in mind.  Frustrating, in fact.  That only lead to a little more canter until he was moderately bent, and I believed his mind was at least on the circles.  Back to trot.

More good working trot circles, rounded and behaved.  I sat a while, he gave lightly.  I resumed posting, still quiet.  A total 40 minutes of a submissive, quiet horse.  Imagine my surprise when I dismounted and checked my time to see I'd been up there that long.  Harley had more in him.. but my blue jean rubbed legs sure didn't. 

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