Friday, August 30, 2013

Tick Tick Ti--c-c-c-ck..... thumpthumpthumpthump

ReCap of the week, while not 100% horse-related, still relevant.

Monday - mild chest pain.  Rained hard at my house (yay!), so I figured it was weather-related. 

Tuesday - it happened again.  Only it hurt even more.  I ate lunch at work, then went to help a co-worker with a computer program question.  I leaned over, and briefly felt like somebody knocked the wind out of me.  Ouch.  Stood back up, and that got better.  It also started to feel like I had run a marathon.  Chest pain, tightness, midget sitting on my chest.  Heart pounding, like it would at the end of a hard canter-set. 

Went back to my desk and sat down to call the doctor.  Answering service, "No, they're at lunch honey.  Call back in a half hour."  Crap, I wonder if I have a half hour..  Went with a co-worker to the work medical dept. BP 158/88, pulse 98.  EKG at work (per nurse practitioner) "worse than it was last time".  Nurses at my plant panicked.  "Off to the ambulance she goes." Loaded up and hauled to the hospital ER.  (Fortunately, the same one that handled the kick initially.)

Spent about 7 hours in the ER.  Conclusion?  "It's not a heart attack.  Blood work is okay, EKGs are okay, aspirin, nitro, and toradol.  Go home, rest, see your doctor tomorrow." 

Wednesday - chillin' and relaxin', dr 2:00 pm.  BP 128/78, pulse 81.  He gave it a listen.  Yep, the tricuspid valve is still leaking, he can hear it.  Ordered and Echocardiogram, and a CT/contrast.  Cardio doc said, "All things considered, I'm in very good health.  Heart is strong, I'm in good shape.  Keep exercising, keep eating really well, and be very attentive.  There is very little chance this valve will kill me, but we need to determine what's next." 

Thursday - Went to work in the am, BP at work medical 120/80, pulse 69.  Echo - technician acted normal.  He told me he can still see the leak, it's still there, things don't look 100% normal, but he doesn't know how bad it is.  "Looks a lot like the last time, but I'm not the doc."  CT for next Tuesday. 

Friday, today.. I will ride.  In about a half an hour, I'm going out there.  It's humid, but in the 70s for temps (yeah, upper 70s. yuck).  I will wear my cool vest, I'll take the ice water jug out there, and Harley will longe in side reins before I hop on.  Dressage, and I'll take it easy.  Enough ride to work on one thing, but not multiples like we've been doing.  I haven't checked BP/pulse yet this morning, but I suspect it's like it's been.  "Normal" BP for me is 110/70, pulse 70 or lower. 

I haven't really changed my diet.  I'm still riding, though not as much due to the heat.  Work hasn't been anymore stressful than normal, and I might even be brave to say things have been less stressful lately.  Just as busy, but not as emotionally stressful. 

I was hoping to kick off our formal jump training very soon with Harley.  Now, it's a big "pause" until 9/18 and the doctor decides what to do.  There are a few treatment options, so we wait and see.

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