Tuesday, September 7, 2010

09/02/10 Just Strolling

Ransom and I launched into my four day weekend with exhuberance. *giggle* Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. We wandered into it.

I lunged him for about fifteen minutes, no side reins, no saddle, in Romeo's pasture. Due to the missing item from earlier in the week, the boys were moved around. Romeo had performed his part of the search squad, and Ransom needed a chance. Rather than lunge Ransom stationary, I mobile-lunged. We'd go a circle, and progress ten to twenty feet down the fenceline from where we started. I got all the way to the opposite pasture end, changed direction, and repeated the exercise. Ransom picked up the game pretty quickly, and was tugging me to extend the circles, get the lunge done over with quicker.

I took him back to the stalls, replaced the halter for his bit, and hopped on. We strolled on a loose rein, searching. We walked as much of the pasture as both of us could take the heat for, and quit. I think we walked another fifteen minutes. My seat was sore, from pony with high withers.. :)

So we didn't race over fences into the new month, and my four day vacation. We wandered, strolled, moseyed, chillaxed. Right around the pasture.

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