Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Weather has Cleared

I felt like I could jump and sing on Saturday. I arrived home Friday, 9-24, ready for ride. Romeo and I had taken a little walk in the drizzle Tuesday (9-21), but he slid in some mud, and smashed my knee into the walk through gate. Totally, 100% not his fault.. The poor guy carried my hobbling self to the trailer, and then politely walked back to his stall, wrinkles over his eyes apologizing. Poor critter.

Anyway, I digress. I got home Friday, ready for ride! Much to my dismay, it POURED again at my house. One of those small-reaching "cells of storm so ugly it's pink on the radar center" bursts hit my house - the road was flooded, my side yard flooded, the pasture low spots flodded. Heck, there was a river across the driveway. My very sad depressed self stayed inside, and pouted. I was none too happy about the crappy weather. I took it out on my house, and cleaned like a ninja.

Finally, Saturday, it was done raining. However, somewhere in the day, my body decided I was dehydrated. A severe headache took over my plans. I drank and drank and drank (water, that is), and it eased up, some. Went outside to feed the boys, and the headache came back with just a little sweat. Back indoors I went.

The highlight of my Saturday horse-world? Harley arrived! I haven't yet got good Harley pictures, but I'll get ya a few. Harley is four (?Ithink?), out of Skys Blue Boy. He's a little fellow, about 15H tall. Harley was delivered, and I released him into his new pasture, adjacent to Ransom. I figure my senior showhorse can mutter good vibes to him over the days. Harley is here a while, for me to ride, educating him, and me. I'll be including his name in the titles, and adding a new keyword for easy search.

Sunday, it was finally nice enough to get things done.
I grabbed Ransom, his twisted wire bit, and a lunge line. I figured at most, I'd lunge & ride bareback. At least, I'd lunge. Well, the rain brought lots of green grass. High green grass, in fact. The arena was tall with grass, lush yummy grass. It nearly broke my heart to mow it, taking away some of Ransom's munchy goodness. Anyways, I lunged him a while, and found on the side reins in his twisted bit, he was very upright.. Hmm.. how else to say it... He had his neck arched more than previous sessions, and still flexed nice at the poll. And very forward.

Ransom lunged about 20 minutes, then stood patiently while I cleared the poles, standards, and cones from the arena to mow.

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