Wednesday, September 29, 2010

09/27/10 Ransom Reminds me

Cooler weather, happier pony.

Ransom and I enjoyed a 40minute dressage dance. He was light in the canter, though not as collected as I might have preferred. He was *forward* at the trot. It was entirely refreshing. Go Pony Go!

His transitions were a bit stickie. UP transitions were NOT collected.. Something we've lost in muscle from all the hot summer and wet conditions. He reassured me in the peak of the ride he's still got it, just not as many as I would prefer. We'll get back there.

As a "treat" for his good behavior, I set up two ground poles, trot distance apart. The first approach, he startled me with a hop over both, landing in canter. Silly Boy! A little excited, are you? Then he settled for a nice forward hop hop trot over 'em. Much cuter!

Total work, about 40 minutes. Bliss... Beautiful weather, happy critter... Oh! And giggling rider, toO!

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