Tuesday, September 7, 2010

09/03/10 Ransom Working

I grabbed Ranson first out, lunged in side reins, five minutes each way. He was limber, loose, and his cheerful normal self.

Then I hopped on, and we worked. Not the mosey ramblings from Thursday, but actual work. All three gaits, on the circles, and on the rail. I also pushed for a few stretching circles at trot, the right ways going better than left. Still, his gaits were up, correct, and mostly collected.

He was very well behaved, and we were able to enjoy each other , which I appreciated. To walk him out, we left the arena, and wandered pasture a little. It was fun, and somewhat refreshing. An easy ride, on an uncomplicated horse.

Total time, about 45 minutes. The end of Ransom's work, for a while.

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