Wednesday, September 1, 2010

08/28/10 Ransom

Ransom and I packed it up hunter and headed to the arena. I had trot poles set up, the crossrail assembled, and all my things in order.

He warmed up nicely with just the lunge line. No side reins, since Thursday was so absolutely amazing, I saw no need to force it a second time.

I hopped aboard, and we played together for about 40 minutes. All the gaits, and some of the trot poles. They were elevated with the rail razors. Ransom was none impressed, and on the first go, knocked one side down, then the next go, another. I considered dismounting to fix them, but called myself "lazy turd", and left them fallen. He needed to realize that by knocking them down, he wasn't getting out of work. Instead, he had to work a little harder to navigate through them cleanly.

I wasn't disappointed. After three railrazors were relocated, he realized the game wasn't going to satisfy, and I had about four or five clean go's through. You can be sneaky, big pony, but you will not succeed. mwahahahahaha

Cooler weather be blessed - the lighter humidity brings out a much nicer horse, and a much easier set of rides.

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