Friday, August 27, 2010

08/26/10 Sweet Ransom Morning

I had the luxury Thursday morning of arriving at work late, and riding Ransom early. Why is this great? Because Thursday morning, the temps were in the low 70s, with moderate humidity, and a light breeze. I woke up to awesome weather. Thankful for it, I hurried out to feed, waited an hour with coffee & a protein bar, and then got to riding.

Ransom warmed up beautiful 5 minutes lunge on side reins each way on the circle. Then I got myself ready, and hopped on.

Magical. He was light on the bit, give & take on contact and collection. I didn't force tight collection the entire ride, but I did work hard on forward. His trot was super nice, and the canter, well, it's almost hard to put words. Tight, upright, small strides, and yet bursting with energy. It was amazing to ride - I didn't hardly move in the tack, as I felt my knees rock on the knee rolls with his strides.

It was an awesome 35 minute ride. I longed for more time in the saddle, and when we got all done, unsaddled, and hosed off, Mo nickered at me. "Take me too, Momma!" But I wasn't able, I had to get myself to work.

The entire day was shaped differently in my mind after my ride. This isn't something I can do every day, but every so often, it's really good for my mind. Start the day off feeling in control, in power, and able to make the situation exactly what I want. Very Very good for the mind..

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Wolfie said...

Horses are truly magical. They have the power to make us feel better on our worst days. Glad you were able to experience it.