Monday, August 23, 2010

08/22/10 Do-Over

I got up early Sunday morning, fed the boys, fed inside, munched myself a light breakfast, and got changed. Headed out, grabbed Ransom, and got him dressed dressage. Today, we're working. No light walks here, Mister Monster. You're working!

I hopped on and got him into a nice long & low walk. Slowly, lightly, I picked up the rein contact. After a bit longer, I asked him to collect & work. Nice working walk, good collection. Then I loosened the reins again, and asked for a nice relaxed trot. Easy peasy. Pretty. Asked for a shorter rein trot, he got a little fussy, then gave. Same went for the canter.

We rode for about 45 minutes. I actually lost track of time, due to the longer than average walk breaks. Ended out the work with walk/halt and trot/halt, with moderate success.

He's slowly getting back in shape again. Jen and I got the arena jumps & poles all painted & colored up. Those are back in the arena, set to four trot poles & one cross rail.

When am I going to take a try at that again? Shhh.. it's a secret! =)

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