Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where I'm Headed

I was here, and while not much has changed, a few things have. I've gotten a little medical attention, stress levels have risen, and I'm finally doing something about it all.

I'm reading The Confident Woman, by Joyce Meyer. I am working my way through the book, and have discovered a few things about self lately. Meyer says there is the aggressive, over-confident woman, and then there is the shy, timid woman. Reading her descriptions, I fall into the latter catetory. So, what needs done about that to become confident, yet not proud? To be what she describes as the positive, aggressive, take-action attitude?

1. I am loved.
I will cherish being loved, and recognize it.

2. I will refuse to live in fear.
"Do it afraid", but do it anyways.

3. I will be positive.
I am not a failure when I try & it doesn't work out. I'm a failure when I stop trying.

4. I will recover from setbacks.

5. I will avoid comparisons.

6. I will take action.
A mistake, is never making one to start with.
If I try something, and it's wrong, the only thing I've learned from it, is to try something else.

7. I will not live in "if only" or "what if".

I have a few friends & loved ones holding me to these seven. Next up in my reading is "The Perfect Woman" as described in Prov. 31. I've gotten through the first five verses, but nothing is jumping out at me worth sharing.

Hmm.. the Hymn "Farther Along" just jumped into my head. Heavenly intervention, I'm sure. If ya'll are interested & unfamiliar, I'll dig up the lyrics & share.

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Wolfie said...

Good for you for taking back control. What you are doing is a step in the right direction to happiness and healthiness. It is wonderful that you have people close to you to help you stay the course.